According to, Madie Roberts is singing her way to the top. The source says Roberts attends Central High School in Minot, and is only 15 years old.

The Competition:

A music competition recently took place in Bismarck, called "High School Battle of the Bands". -- You may have heard of it.

North Dakota high school students competed for scholarship funds. It was narrowed down to six contestants. They each took to the stage at the Bismarck Elks, and gave it their all.

There were three categories:

  • Best solo/duo, this awards $500 scholarship to both performers who win.
  • Best Band, awards a $500 scholarship to each performer (4 person band restriction)
  • Grand prize winner, awards $1,000 scholarship to the musical act as a whole.

The Win:


Local singers, bands and musicians went head-to-head. Roberts took home the prize in the best solo category, and even won the whole thing too. She won the best overall grand prize. She won a total of $1500.

According to, she performed three original sons called, "Stereotypical," "Lethal Adrenaline," and "Poker Game". To make it even more impressive, she was the youngest contestant in the competition.

Supporting Local Arts

How great is it that things like this exist, and people in our community are taking steps to support young artists? What a fun way to encourage our young people to go after their passions, and go to college. All I can say is hopefully this continues on year after year, and even more opportunities like this come up.

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