Based on an excerpt from an article from a bridal publication, you'd have to wonder if they think that North Dakota and South Dakota are just one big state, possibly just called 'Dakota.'

If you happen to be planning out your honeymoon, one might like to know where the top spots might be throughout the U.S. for the particular occasion. The bridal publication, Brides Magazine, or online at compiled a list of 50 Honeymoon Hotels by Every State. This would be perfect for planning out those post-wedding destinations for the newlyweds.

As you might guess, the recommended romantically scenic region of the Badlands in North Dakota, where you'll find Theodore Roosevelt National Park was picked by the bridal publication. Unfortunately, the 'Honeymoon Hotel' it picked out for staying in North Dakota's Badlands is quite the commute from our neighboring state to the south. The excerpt reads:

Badlands, North Dakota

Suckers for a stunning landscape shot should consider the Badlands area of North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt deemed not of this earth. Opt for sophisticated yet comfortable at the Summer Creek Inn in Rapid City, well located and offering a rooftop terrace, cozy fireplace and picnic area for a lazy outing under that expansive sky.

The Summer Creek Inn is located in Rapid City, SD, which is 250 miles south of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and is an estimated 4-hour and 16-minute drive. The length of that drive may cut into the romantic time you might get with your new spouse. You may have to plan around that.

There, in fact, is no Summer Creek Inn in North Dakota. Perhaps the publication thought that maybe the Summer Creek Inn was a bed & breakfast chain throughout North and South Dakota, which is not the case. They have yet to branch out and set up new franchise opportunities.

However, should you be looking to head to North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park for your honeymoon getaway, you can find always find some great reviewed hotels on Yelp! As for how romantic each of those might be, we're sorry, we can't really help you there. I mean, it's not like we're a bridal publication.


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