The city of Minneapolis is set to fork over nearly $200,000 to settle a snooping lawsuit involving a local news anchor.

The Twin Cities' Star Tribune reports the city will pay 4193,500 to settle the suit, filed by Alix Kendall of Fox 9 Morning News.

Court documents say Ms. Kendall sued 169 cities and counties after learning that private information had been "accessed" nearly four thousand times over a nine-year period.

The Ways and means Committee said it would compensate Ms. Kendall with $150,000 in addition to 43,500 in legal fees.

The case was initially dismissed in federal court but Ms. Kendall prevailed on appeal. The Minneapolis suit involves 48 "lookups" of her personal information.

The Star Tribune notes that Ms. Kendall had filed a similar suit against St. Paul. They settled in January for $33,000.

A spokesman for Ms. Kendall's legal representation says of the roughly 30 DVS snooping cases the firm took on, only three now remain.

[Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune]



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