John Moore / Getty Images

Many people have been arrested since the start of the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest. And many people from all walks of life, including the media.

Adam Schrader from New York was arrested for resisting arrest according to reports. Schrader is a freelance member of the press and was put in cuffs after asking a police officer on the front line about the use of pepper spray. According to Schrader, he went back to his car, placed his camera and recorder in his car, then returned to the protest front line and asked an officer about the use of pepper spray. He then went on to say, the officer yelled "resisting arrest", he got put in zip-tie cuffs and hauled away to jail and charged.

His rental car got impounded and his video and recording equipment apparently went missing, valued at over $400. In Schroder view, he was prevented from doing his job.

Schrader is one of over 400 people arrested Thursday (Oct 27th). Police say the situation was very tense and all people, including journalist need to follow police orders.

Schroder sat in jail until Saturday, October 29th.