There are no in-house movies on this plane, and sorry, absolutely ZERO refreshments are served...

...just a simple airplane going about its business trying to serve the Kindred area this past Saturday night when all of a sudden a PEST became a serious nuisance - so much so that this ugly incident could have turned out deadly.

MOST of us are aware of the functions of fireworks - the ground rules, when and where you can set them off for enjoyment

It's pretty much a given when you buy your fireworks, that there is a place that is deemed safe and legal to ignite them and have a blast ( a good time ). Nowhere have I heard or read that it is perfectly OK to aim your fireworks at a passing airplane and set it free. This is what took place just a couple of days ago - according to "The pilot was spraying for mosquitoes over Kindred when he was allegedly shot at by fireworks and given "the middle finger" when passing over the 100 block of Maple Street, according to a release from the sheriff's office"

The good news of course was that the PEST missed its target

Last I heard, Memory Fireworks or any other local fireworks place was selling any new state-of-the-art invention ( thank goodness ) designed strictly to bring down an innocent plane just trying to stomp out pesky mosquitos. There were no injuries reported as the fireworks missed its mark. The man was not arrested. If this were up to me, as punishment for his "Middle Finger" salute, I would like to see him lathered with perfume and deodorants while wearing a bathing suit, and with a can of insect spray in his hand, set him free out into the fields.


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