I can't even remember my high school days let alone the magic of a prom

They say there are memories in someone's lifetime that so many others can relate to. That feeling of walking into high school The first time you sat alone behind the wheel and drove a car out in traffic ( a brand new license fresh in your wallet or purse ) - but the one memory that beats all of the above by far is your high school prom. It's a night of magic and tradition, a million pictures taken from both families, to preserve the moments forever. I have a story that is better than any movie you have ever seen. It's real-life and right here in North Dakota, not some phony-drawn-out script.

What do you do when you are a Watford, North Dakota high senior without a prom date?

His name is Dakota Wollan, he is a senior at Watford City high. He is a young man with class, and he showed it just recently. According to kfyrtv.com "Dakota Wollan told his parents he didn’t really have anyone he wanted to ask to his senior prom. Then his dad made a suggestion that changed everything"

 Madeline Miller missed her prom years ago

Her great-grandson made sure he would give her a gift she would never forget, along with the rest of us. “I was just wondering why he would want a 92-year-old going to prom with him when there are so many young girls in the school,” kfyrtv.com added. Dakota didn't need to reply, he just acted with respect, and compassion for someone he cares about, that was the bottom line, period.

Memories of gold for both of them


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