The execution of a man convicted of taking part in the killing of three policemen has many fuming..

The state of Alabama carried out the execution of Nathaniel Woods this week after the governor refused to issue a stay of execution.

As ABC News reported, the facts behind the execution have led civil rights advocates and supporters of the executed to cry foul.

At issue is the role Mr. Woods played in the cop-killing: Kerry Spencer, the man who supposedly acted as an accomplice in the killing has in fact confessed to "acting alone" in the murder of the three police officers.

Due to a technicality in sentencing (a non-unanimous vote), Kerry Spencer is still alive and will probably never be executed.

A former attorney for Mr. Spencer says he hopes the event will lead to the end of executions in Alabama and other states.

"If that can't be a poster case for eliminating the death penalty," he said, "I don't know what will."

[Source: ABC News, Good Morning America]

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