The newest front in the ongoing abortion wars in our country is Alabama.

As Yahoo! News reports, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the controversial bill into law Tuesday after the bill passed the State Senate.

The bill bans "all abortions for any reason and carry prison sentences of 99 years to life for doctors who perform them."

Few expect the new law to hold up as it. Many of its supporters admit freely that it's more about posing a legal challenge to the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision.

The bill makes no allowance for rape and incest. The bill's sponsor says while she is not without sympathy for rape and incest survivors, the point is to mount a legal challenge that will enable the court to rule on Roe.

Wile the Supreme Court now leans in an obviously rightward direction, there is some question as to how the court would vote on certain aspects of the case. Many legal observers say the most likely development is a court approval of "incremental" changes.

Not all abortion opponents approve the tactic. Televangelist Pat Robertson says it's an "extreme" law that in his opinion is bound to lose.

Pro-choicers are also divided on how to deal with the law; some say to challenge the Alabama legislation is to "play into the hands" of their opponents .

[Source: Yahoo! News]


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