If you've ever been to an Aldi's grocery store, you know what kind of discounts they have compared to their competitors.

This week, Aldi announced plans to open 900 new stores across the U.S. over the next four years. Aldi is making $3.4 billion capital investment in order to expand. The expansion would create 25,000 jobs in the process. The chain currently has 1,600 stores in 35 states. An extra $1.6 billion is being invested in nearly 1,300 of those existing stores for renovations and improvements.

Aldi's stores are known for their discount house brands of groceries. The stores are not nearly as big as your typical supermarket. They usually consist of about five isles within a 12,000 square-foot building. The non-food merchandise at these stores ranges from blenders to lawn chairs to workout equipment.

The deals and quality of products is a big factor in attracting regular customers. Savings from shopping their stores are often substantial when compared with bigger grocery chains.

The majority of the current locations are in the Midwest, while some also exist in Texas, Florida, California, and in the New England region. The closest one to North Dakota is in Fergus Falls, MN. While there are no specifics yet as to where exactly the 900 new stores will be, a North Dakota location could be in the cards, given the already constant expansion throughout the Midwest.

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