super slide amusement park bismanonline
super slide amusement park bismanonline

Ok, you just got your tax refund back and you're looking to buy something, How about an amusement park?

Here is an ad for the Super Slide amusement park at Sertoma Park that is advertising for sale on  Seems like a pretty solid investment if you're looking to get that side business going.

If I ever thought about doing this anywhere, I would definitely kick the tires on this opportunity especially if I can deal with kids and people in general. 

I'm sure there are zoning laws around this place. If not, I would build a bar stand near it just for the parents. I'm sure that would kill! 

Ok back to reality, the owner's contact info is on if there's some interest.


Reason Selling: "Retiring"

Business for sale:

The Super Slide Amusement Park!

Located in the heart of Sertoma Park, the amusement park has been privately owned for 51 years. Seasonal business opportunity from May through September. The amusement park consists of the following:

150 foot Super Slide

18 Hole Mini Golf

Bank Shot Basketball Court

3 Cage Slow Pitch Softball

Rock Climbing Wall

Tea Cups


Big Eli Ferris Wheel


Bounce House

Critter Track

Bumper Cars

Kiddie Carts

Water Wargames

And the parks newest addition- Roller Coaster

The park entertains over 90,000 customers a summer and has over 75+ companies that we host events for.




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