Anyone who enjoys thrill rides, pretty much knows that North Dakota is not the place to go for that kind of thing.

From time-to-time different carnivals, fairs and other events come to town that have rides that accompany them. But there are very few stand-alone amusement parks.

That brings us to one very sad truth. Here in Bismarck we have one amusement park located next to Sertoma Park. And believe it or not, the roller coaster at Super Slide Amusement Park, Runaway Train, is the only roller coaster that exists in the entire state of North Dakota according to

Runaway Train, installed in Bismarck in 2009, has a top speed of 25 mph... the same speed as the speed limit on the road adjacent to the park. The ride is just 18 feet high at its tallest point. The biggest drop on the roller coaster is 12 feet. The ride fits 12 adults or 22 kids at one time.

The coaster averages 308 riders per day or around 40,000 riders per year.

Even though Runaway Train is not the ride for extreme thrill-seekers, if you ride it, you can still say you took a ride on the only roller coaster to exist in the entire state.

Super Slide Amusement Park is open for the summer season until Sept. 10. Their Fall hours begin Sept. 24. The park will also be celebrating their 50th birthday this month.

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