North Dakota weather is no joke, that is one of the first things you find out rather quickly when you live here

Of course, native North Dakotans can tell you a million stories of what it's like to endure the winter, I had no idea before I moved from California to North Dakota just how many ways you can yourself in serious trouble. When I got to Fargo over seven years ago, everybody I came across asked me If I had a "Survival Kit" in my car. My answer back was always the same "Well I have a jack and a spare". NOT THE SAME THING.

The basics of driving around in North Dakota during the winter

I NOW know to have at least a half tank of gas in the car, to have some blankets, a shovel, and other crucial items. I have never had my car stuck somewhere, for those that have, you know how dangerous and life-threatening it can be. There is a group of volunteers ( I call the angels ) who are available to SERVE the community, and by that, I simply mean they want to be there to help in any way possible.

Bismarck-Mandan Pullouts And Jumpstarts

Rocco Van Rooyen, Nathan Fluery, and Felicity Hauff head up this Facebook Group page which now has over 90 members/volunteers. Rocco experienced what it's like getting stuck in bad weather out in Fargo back in 2019. After a friend of his helped him out of his dilemma, he realized that every city needs a group of volunteers that would be available to come out and help anyone in need. Car stuck in the snow, flat tire, dead battery, you name it, they would be of rescue. Here is how this fabulous group of people work, Felicity explained "There is no phone number as we don’t want too many people calling at once so we ask that people post to the page saying what they need. From there a volunteer will either comment on your post or message you asking for the make and model of your car and your location. We are 100% free we do not accept tips or donations. We love helping the community and being able to do this helps a lot of people"

Did you get that last part? They are FREE and this isn't some kind of deal just to try and raise donations

How many people do you come across in life that have made it their passion to help others in stress? Hardly ever. All this group needs is just a few more volunteers to give some of their time, and potentially save someone's life. Here is their Facebook page. One thing which is obvious they are not liable for damages if people agree to use their help, no one is a professional. They are a group of people with huge hearts.

So why do you do this?

Felicity had the perfect answer "  It’s just a volunteer trying to help someone out of a tough situation and avoiding a towing bill. We bring peace of mind to the community that most people wouldn’t even think of. We are here to help at any time of day" Once again this is solid proof that angels do exist.

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