The Worst State In The Country

Which state is the worst in the country for bad driving? Quote Wizard looked at 10 million insurance claims to determine which states had the best and worst drivers. According to the source, Utah has the worst drivers in the country.

The second worst is California, Iowa, then Wisconsin.

So, Where Does North Dakota Fall?

Get ready to cringe, North Dakota ranks at number 6 on the worst drivers in the country list. Thinking on it a bit more, are we really that surprised?

Hey, if we're trying to be optimistic, look at it this way: we're bad, but we're not bad-bad. Ya know?

Speed Demons

The source found that North Dakotans are particularly bad about two things: DUIs, and speeding.

With the amount of beer and alcohol we consume here, it's not so shocking to hear that we come in second in the country for DUIs. Tsk Tsk.

North Dakota is also the second worst state when it comes to speeding tickets. I find this odd, because most North Dakotans aren't ever in a hurry to get anywhere. We're a pretty laid back bunch.

The Best

If you're wondering which states have the best drivers, buckle up, I have the answer. The state with the best drivers, according to the source, is Connecticut. After that, it goes, Michigan, then West Virginia. Squares.

I wanted to blame the cold weather and icy conditions for our bad driving, but several other cold-weather states manage to get around without playing live-action bumper cars, so that can't be it.

Why do you think North Dakotans are such terrible drivers?



6 Things North Dakotans Do While Driving

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