There is a saying in the National Football League "On Any Given Sunday..."

Those four words simply mean that on any Sunday ( gameday ) ANY football team can beat ANY football team, period. It's not hard to figure out, however, it can be quite frustrating and baffling at times. It might be quite some time before a team duplicates what the 1972 Miami Dolphins achieved - the ONLY perfect season in NFL history at 17 WINS and 0 losses. Too many teams are evenly matched. We are more than halfway through the season this year and one team has turned many heads - are they impressed? Hardly

THE Minnesota Vikings are 10-2

Here is where I can dive into all the stats and bore you with arguments on the strength of this team, I will instead point out the nay-sayers, especially one in particular. I introduce you to Frank The Tank from Barstool Sports. He is some kind of blow-hard football expert, who makes his weekly picks based on.....who cares is what I say. First of all, I'm all for freedom of speech, absolutely, but back it up with some evidence, which this tool has none. According to Here is what this clown had to say when he released his picks:

"Beware Of Frauds, The Vikings Are The Worst 10-2 Team In NFL History."

( and then he released the rest of his diarrhea )

"The Vikings may be the worst 10-2 team in NFL history. All you need to do is see the point differential, which is just ten points. They play close games and have hung on several times. The Lions are surging and trying to make a statement towards next season as they win their fifth game in six tries."

Frank The Fool was referring to this Sunday's match-up

The Vikings are on the road this weekend taking on the 5-7 Detroit Lions. The Lions are favored by 2 and a half points. Check out an interesting tidbit Kevin Seifert from ESPN pointed out:


Remember..."On Any Given Sunday..."

My pick - is Vikings by 8  


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