I am simply asking this question "for a friend of mine" of course

I have heard many times before, in conversation either at work or somewhere out and about here in Bismark/Mandan, about a very happy "about to be married" person who met their significant other on a dating app. I have never really had the desire to even check and see how these apps work, however, a friend of mine was and still is.

Just out of curiosity, I leaned extra forward into this topic about a week ago

There is a very pleasant young lady at work, and just recently we were at a promotional event for a client from our radio station. During the two hours we were there she told me that she had met her fiancee on a dating app called Tinder. I casually mentioned to her that I have a friend of mine who was just talking about this. Our, OR should I say his first question to me was "Don't you think that 99% of profiles and pictures are not real?" ( meaning that people fabricate just a tad with how they really look like ). Running that by my co-worker she told me to make sure I tell my friend she had pretty good luck ( obviously ) with her Tinder experience, although she did see many profiles and pictures that looked suspicious ( fake ).

There are many dating apps out there

I'm thinking the best advice I can offer my friend is to probably try more than one, and maybe you'll find an app that best fits your personality. My friend has two cats as well, SO if you see a profile cover picture of a cat it's NOT ME, it's my friend ok?


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