It's a tough decision... which movie should you see? Barbie or Oppenheimer? Maybe you opted to go see both. -- I'd never be able to sit still for that long, but I applaud you for doing it.

Distractify has been tracking the popularity of each movie in every state to determine which movie people like and are going to see more.

It's odd, if you think about it; you wouldn't expect Barbie to draw the same audience as Oppenheimer. -- They are two TOTALLY different movies, but that is exactly what's been happening. How cool?


According to the source, overall, nost states are leaning more toward Oppenheimer.

States that favored Oppenheimer include: California, New York, and New Mexico.

States that favored Barbie include: Kentucky, Arkansas, and Texas.

North Dakota

So, which movie is trending more in North Dakota?

Well, I'm sorry to break this to you, but North Dakota seems to be torn ri8ght down the middle. Check out this map.

Map of where Barbie or Oppenheimer is trending in the US
by u/Sense_of_Dread in blankies




As you can see, North Dakota doesn't seem to lean pink or blue, we're right in the middle. We're a fair bunch!

I did go see the Barbie movie Friday of last week, and can honestly say it was pretty good. It had a few laughs, several A-list celebrities, and A LOT of Pink, which I sadly, was not wearing.


Did you go see Barbie? Oppenheimer? Both? Which one did you like better? -- Hit us up through the app and let us know!

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