There are certain intersections in Bismarck you need to pay extra attention to

I know how it is when we are out and about driving the same route to work five days a week, we are pretty much on autopilot mode, and this is when it can become dangerous. We expect everyone driving out on the roads to be paying attention and it's easy to take that for granted. But there is one intersection in Bismarck that leaves zero room for any error.

Accidents happen frequently at this spot

High speeds at a sharp curve in the road can be a recipe for trouble, and that's what you'll find when you get to the Yenger Road and University Drive intersection. Residents in the community close to that site will tell you that accidents happen quite a bit, and it would seem like it's only a matter of time before one or more people will be seriously hurt. Many people feel that something can be done at this intersection.

Would a strategic stoplight at the right spot be the answer?

Those that travel through this area quite a bit feel that a stoplight would ease the accidents. According to Bismarck City Engineer Gabe Schell had this to say “There are certain rules and regulations that we have to follow that are federal guidance and state guidance, to ensure that we’re putting traffic signals in the correct locations and not putting them at every single intersection that is out there,” I went out there this morning to take some pictures and check out the intersection, and trust me a stoplight is needed there big-time. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope they take action on this soon.

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