Yet another phone scam - with a slightly different twist - has cropped up in our area.

Read carefully, because this one is a little tricky.

West Dakota Fox TV reports a local man received a call recently from someone claiming to be "Deputy Michael Brady" of the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department.

The "deputy" told the man he was "involved" in a sexting case involving a seventeen year-old.

After some questioning, the supposed deputy instructs his mark to call "the victim's father."

The "father" asks for over a thousand dollars in "counseling fees," and threatens to press charges if not paid.

If you get a call matching that description, you should hang up and contact the Burleigh County Sheriff's department.

A good rule of thumb is not to give out any personal information over the telephone to someone you don't know. If you have any doubt at all, contact the police.