Last Saturday I was privileged to attend a graduation party

A co-worker and I went over to my boss's house in Lincoln on Saturday to help celebrate a pretty monumental event coming up, his son's high school graduation. From the second we walked into his garage I felt a huge wave of pride from his parents, which radiated off of pictures, old uniforms, scrapbooks, and memorabilia of a young man's life. I never really thought much of the days when I was a senior until this party. I guess back then I didn't seem to care that I was not allowed to experience "that special day" of family members, and friends gathered to celebrate your achievement. This is pretty much one of the memories that came flooding back to me, you see I was not allowed to join my graduating class at the ceremony, because my grades were so bad. I'm going to guess that this hurt my parents worse than it did to me. Every mom and dad look forward to this day when their kids are "knocking at the door" to the real world when they are out on their own ( however it's also a time when a parent starts to dread, realizing how fast time goes by )

To the seniors who are about ready to throw their caps in the air....

....big-time congratulations! You have worked hard and have earned the right to look forward to a bright future - STILL though, please take a second to soak in all of the love that is bestowed on you - YOU deserve the outpouring of attention that's coming to you. I promise you that one day you will look back at the whole week and cherish it forever.



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