Yay! We’re finally getting into those warmer temps – soon summer will be here. And... Summer wouldn’t be complete without a bit of time at our local pools. So, I investigated; I wanted to see when the wait would be over.  

Parks and Rec Pools:  

I reached out to Bismarck Parks and Rec; they told me they are planning to open all their outdoor pools on June 6th (tentatively, weather permitting). It’s so close I can almost taste the chlorine!  

So, that’s Hillside Aquatic Complex, the Paul H. Wachter Aquatic Complex, and Elks Aquatic Center.  

The hours of operation for each of these pools vary. Bismarck Parks and Rec will have those updated times on their website.  

Courtesy of: Tyra Watson, Raging Rivers Waterpark, Facebook.com
Courtesy of: Tyra Watson, Raging Rivers Waterpark, Facebook.com

Raging Rivers Opening Date:  

I spoke to Tyra Watson from Mandan’s Raging Rivers Waterpark, and she tells me the park is set to open in only two short weeks! They plan to open right after Memorial Day, on June 1st (weather permitting). 

Watson also told me that everything is coming into place. 

“It’s really getting down to it. We’ve got two weeks and two days. We are about to start staff training and are on track to open. We are very excited to open and get going,” said Watson.  

Watson says they plan to hold three “All kids” swims this year for children with special needs. They will be holding those sessions before the park opens, every second Tuesday of each month. for children with special needs this year. 

The Raging Rivers website lists their hours of operation.  

I’m not going to lie; I visit Raging Rivers frequently in the Summer. I’m a sucker for the lazy river. I’ll go solo – no kids, and I’m unashamed. Also, I’m short; I blend in with the 14-year-olds, so I mostly get away with it without looking like a weirdo. It works for me.  

So Excited!

Water slides, diving boards, pool noodles, and floaties... ahh I can’t wait. It’s funny, you never realize how much you’re missing Summer until you start longing for a good splash in the face, or convince yourself water up the nose isn’t that bad (It’s awful, by the way). That’s how you know you’re desperate for some time in the Summer sun. Don’t worry though, we are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from watery paradise, so have your swimsuits and beach towels on standby. 

That’s what you need to know, now excuse me, as I will be sniffing sunscreen, daydreaming about dipping my toes in some cool water.  


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