This weekend the circus comes to town. 

Changes in traffic flow will include Bowen Avenue closure through Sunday, April 14th at 6 pm. My thought is that the closure will be so they can get the elephants out safely. I think the monkeys and other circus animals will be handled pretty discreetly.  The Tigers are well accounted for so we should be all set this weekend.

It will be interesting to see the other attractions they have in store for us. There seems to be an X-game like motorcycle show as well as a magic show and who can forget the clowns ( scary or not).

It all hits Bismarck this weekend at the event center so get your popcorn ready!

Just having one street closure is a very little inconvenience for the greater event that is sure to fun and family friendly.

Personally, I'm interested in lions and tigers. Still, don't know how they get them to behave so well.

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