The Bismarck Police Department responded to an incident at Bismarck High School this morning, Thursday, March 2nd.

We have little information as to what is going on, but we did receive an email from Bismarck Public Schools, that an incident had occurred.

According to a local law enforcement officer, other high schools in North Dakota are on lockdown. The source said Mandan High School is on lockdown and it's possible that Grand Forks and Fargo will be/are on lockdown as well.

There are reports coming in, that BHS students are being relocated to the Hughes Center, but that is unconfirmed at this time.

We're being told that the school (BHS) received a call, that prompted immediate safety precautions and protocols, and local law enforcement responded to ensure the safety of staff and students.

We have yet to confirm some of these details.

We have someone on the scene who says there are approximately 20 police cars at the school at this time (10:42 am).


The public is being asked to refrain from from calling the Bismarck Police Department. They are also asking people to stay away from the school, and keep the roads clear for emergency services/responders.

People are also being asked to not try to communicate with people in the school at this time.

Keep checking back to this post for more updates.

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