Just in time for the first blast of winter, a mens' homeless shelter in Bismarck will be forced to close.

KXMB News that barring a major breakthrough on funding, the Ruth Myers-owned haven for the homeless will shut its doors this coming Friday.

The shelter was recent purchased by the Heartview Foundation. But the foundation says the sale won't go through until mid-November. In the meantime, funds to keep it open are unavailable.

Some of Bismarck's homeless are on the verge of despair. Others are more hopeful: "Before winter gets in, they'll have something covered. I really believe that," said one homeless man.

KXMB says the shelter will need about $125,000 to keep the shelter open through the next five months.

A spokesperson for the Missouri Valley Coalition For Homeless People says all hope is not lost. The organization says it's working with a number of organizations in the area to raise money.

Supporters are looking for ways to raise the money. Buffalo Commons Brewing will host a fundraiser in Mandan Saturday.

{Source: KXMB TV News]





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