Can you imagine being kidnapped, run over, and having your life threatened, ALL by someone you know or love(d)? Now, can you imagine that, after these events, the person convicted of doing these heinous acts gets only a probation sentence? Well, that's what happened here in Bismarck.

Back in March, a Bismarck man named Ricky Schuh was arrested for running over, kidnapping, and threatening the life of his ex-girlfriend. While in a parking lot, Schuh ran his ex-girlfriend over. He then forced her into his vehicle and took off to Jamestown, where she managed to escape for help. After that, Schuh started sending her threatening text messages. I got the original story from KFYR-TV in March (you can check out my coverage from the news station here), but that information can no longer be found, so you can get another initial report here.

On Tuesday (July 8), Ricky Schuh was sentenced for the crimes against the woman. According to Valley News Live (Fargo), Schuh pleaded guilty to reduced charges. The report says that the plea deal resulted Schuh receiving three years' probation. Get the full story and details on the sentencing here.

One can understand that the law is not always fair, but I cannot understand how this sentence came to be. Isn't attempted murder worth at least a little jail time? I can't imagine how the victim must feel in all of this. I hope she can safely move on with her life after surviving something as traumatic as being driven over and kidnapped.


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