An Earth Day Event

Earth Day is almost here (April 22nd). Bismarck Parks and Rec is planning to host their annual "Earth Day at the Orchard" later this month (weather permitting).

It's scheduled to take place from 10am to 12pm on April 23rd. The community is asked to come to the orchard for a day of family fun and clean-up.

You Only Get Out What You Put In

I spoke to Claire Lowstuter, the Local Food Coordinator for Bismarck Parks and Rec, and asked why a clean-up of the Bismarck Orchard is needed.

"It helps get the trees and shrubs ready for the growing season by adding fresh mulch to decrease weeds, getting rid of excess dead leaves, and removing trash that has been left or blown in," said Lowstuter.

Lowstuter says "The community’s involvement in taking care of the orchard ensures that the orchard can continue to serve the community."

A Family Activity

Not only is this event a great way to celebrate Earth Day, but it's also a way for families to get out of the house, learn about plants that are native to North Dakota, and get involved in the community.

About the Orchard:

The trees were planted back in 2015. The founders wanted there to be a place that the community could go for fresh fruit, and a hands-on experience with nature.

The orchard is located at the Clem Kelley Softball Complex. BPRD expects there to be honeyberries, juneberries, and apples growing in the coming months.

NOTE: The date of the Earth Day Cleanup is subject to change, considering recent weather events.


Claire Lowstuter, Bismarck Parks and Rec
Claire Lowstuter, Bismarck Parks and Rec



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