Earlier this week, Bismarck Public Schools agreed on a dollar amount to increase space at their middle schools and high schools. The total amount would be in the form of a $57.5 million bond.

The bond issue will be brought to voters on March 7, 2017. The scheduled special election in March is so construction can start at Horizon, Simle, and Wachter middle schools. Horizon and Simle have both exceeded capacity, while increased enrollment at Wachter will have it past capacity next school year.

The $57.5 million bond will help to add classroom space for all schools, as well as needed improvements for the high schools, including a new theater for Bismarck High School.

Plans for the improvements and added space has been shown to architects, so the plans can begin developing as soon as possible, should the bond amount be approved by voters.

If approved, the bond amount would be split amongst the schools as follows:

  • Horizon Middle School: $7,426,965.70
  • Simle Middle School: $12,346,734.28
  • Wachter Middle School: $10,694,071.65
  • Bismarck High School: $14,074,587.58
  • Century High School: $12,927,511.28
  • Total: $57,469,870.49