Actor/potential politician?/one time stoner, Matthew McConaughey recently was quoted as wanting the word "unbelievable" removed from the dictionary.McConaughey submitted, that unless you were very young, nothing was "unbelievable".  In a McConaughey self-promotion sorta way, I agreed with him at the time. Nothing should surprise us. Most everything is, unfortunately, "believable".

Matthew McConaughey is a native son of Uvalde, Texas.

I would assume Mr. McConaughey would concur that we'd all like to take measures to make the Uvalde Texas shooting less believable. Many believe arming teachers is a necessary step in that direction. Teachers are certainly divided on that idea. I'd like to introduce you to a gone-viral Facebook account of Trey Antonetti a teacher in Arkansas.

If you didn't click on see more let me add- Trey's Facebook post goes on to say this...

You don’t trust us when we say your student is the reason they’re failing when they are skipping class, aren’t submitting assignments, are playing both sides of the field and are dropping the ball, but it must be the teacher’s fault, right?
You don’t trust us to hold your student accountable for their behavior, standing firm on commitments and expectations, because it’s the teacher asking too much, right?
You don’t trust us to discipline students when they act out or abuse the system, because they’re precious little angels, and we’re the problem, right?
But you’ll trust us, no…EXPECT us to take a bullet for them when the system - when, at this point, not if - fails them.
And NOW you’re saying you trust us, trust me, to add firearm safety and defensive firearm training to my plate? You don’t trust me to execute a lesson plan but you’ll trust me to execute an intruder?
Incredible teachers are leaving the field every day. Phenomenal teachers are barely hanging on as they go through our day to day. Accredited programs and universities all over the country are closing their education programs because no one is enrolling.
When your kids, or grandkids, nieces, and nephews are being taught by actual undertrained people who are the only option to hire, will that make you happy? I mean…at least they’ll have guns…right?
Here's a picture I pulled from Trey's Facebook page...
attachment-Treys Facebook Page

So Trey's not some Bernie Sanders sorta looking educator.

He's not my grade school teacher as I remember them. I'm sure they were in their 30s, but they all seemed like old ladies and old men to me. I couldn't imagine Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Husted, or even Mr. Johnson all armed and trained to respond to a shooter situation.

 Would that be unbelievable? Trey seems inclined to think so.

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