You may have noticed a store disappeared from North Bismarck. As I was doing my far too frequent Ulta haul, I noticed, that just down the way "Famous Footwear" (in the Haycreek Shops shopping center) is gone.

You can see the big block letters missing from the storefront, and there's a sign in the window that says "Space for rent."

When Did This Happen?

If this was one of your favorite shoes stores, I'm sorry to be breaking this news to you today. Honestly, I've always said we needed more shoes stores in Bisman, though I have a shoe hoarding/shopping sort of problem.

I had no idea it was closing, and only just now noticed it. I wonder how long ago they did this. It just quietly went away. Curious.

As You Know

The Gordman's building also is sitting in that area empty. Whilst on my low-effort investigation, I could have sworn I saw a couple lights on in that building. Is it possible something is going on in there and we may see something happen with that space soon? I certainly hope so!

What Will The Space Be Used For Next?

That's always the question. What will take over the Famous Footwear building? What could we bring to Bismarck? Personally, I'd love to see Pier One make a comeback. I would also be very excited to get a Homegoods store. -- You can never have too many options when it comes to home décor stores.

I'd also be okay with a Macy's or mini IKEA. Feel free to throw out your suggestions and send us a message.

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