I have learned to develop a fairly thick skin when sending an article over to the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook page

I got into the routine way too much last year of sending an article that I had just finished over to a local social media outlet - I have come to learn from experience that not everyone is going to agree with or be cordial with what I have to say. I'm talking about the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook Page - I have always called them the "Hub" of Bismarck and Mandan, for there is never a shortage of people asking questions, trying to seek advice, AND dishing out negative comments to others - the good and the bad I guess. So when I heard that Bismarck has a new restaurant opening up fairly soon, I was just a tad braced for those people that are frustrated.

So many have lost jobs lately here in town, that's a fact

We've all agonized over the recent closing of some popular businesses - places that have tried to survive short-handed and finally surrendered. Popular restaurants that have satisfied so many through the years are letting their employees go and closing down for good. So with that, I can kind of understand the frustration that group members are writing in when they hear of a new place that is in the process of a grand opening. "How can a new restaurant expect to stay open when so many others have closed due to being terribly understaffed?" - that was a common feeling that people were expressing. Not long ago we had the closing of Carino's here in Bismarck.

Now it's time to try and focus on the positive

The New Tavern Grill Restaurant & Bar is shaping up quite nicely, situated right next to Tommy's Car Wash, the word is that they will be open in early November. This brings excitement from those that have dined at the one in Fargo and Arden Hills In Minnesota. One of the positive things is that several of the employees that lost their jobs at Carino's probably will be working at The Tavern. So....as sad as it is, life does go on, and my opinion is I would rather see Bismarck/Mandan move forward with progress, rather than succumb to failure - So check it out..Here is an update for you:

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