It was only a week ago Bismarck and Mandan's residents woke up to a broken heart

The rumors were flying last Saturday about another popular restaurant permanently closing its doors. On their Facebook page, nothing was said or even hinted that they were indeed shutting down for good. However, a phone call to Carino's the very next morning ( last Sunday ) sadly confirmed what so many were afraid of - "....we are closing on the 25th of this month..." an employee told me. In the past week, it's been hard for everyone. I can't even imagine the pain and sorrow the staff and managers must have felt, one of them, in particular, was telling me what hurt so much was knowing how many would be out of work. She is now doing her best to steer her "family" towards new possibilities in town. Yes, as much as you might think the word "family" is corny, it is absolutely not. Unless you have ever worked in a restaurant, you won't understand the bond you feel with each other. Fast-paced, and teamwork is so critical for a successful restaurant.

Carino's Bismarck classy Facebook post

So what do you say to those that have loved your food, and customer service, and have been a big part of your lives? Well, Carino's said it perfectly:

A classy way of saying goodbye, taking care of business, and making sure those that have gift cards will be refunded their money. No apologies needed to Bismarck/Mandan, Carino's did their very best, and in my mind, they failed no one. A special thank you to the one Carino's manager I have been talking to - she genuinely cares for the regular customers she saw frequently, and she loves the staff she worked with - Once again, a classy person from a classy place.


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