Dakota Tackle is up for sale and is said to have an interested buyer.

Dakota Tackle has been in business since right around 1979, serving the community for about 43 years. The owner, Wade Anderson, says it's time for him to retire, so he can spend more time with his kids and grandkids.

"I'm glad it worked. I'm going to miss my customers and reps; they were friends... and my employees too," said Anderson.

The History Of Dakota Tackle

Boasted as the biggest tackle shop in ND, you might be surprised to learn, but it started as something else.

I spoke to the owner, Wade Anderson, he says his dad was the one who bought the building and it initially was an RV Business, called Ruben Anderson Camper Sales Parts and Accessories.

Anderson says as a 9th grader he was working in his dad's shop; He started selling fishing kits in the RV store, and that's really how it all started. Anderson told me that people started coming in asking for more and more fishing equipment; a few fishing kits turned into a tackle room and it continued to grow from there.

The Dream

Eventually Anderson's dad would go on to retire, hoping to pass on his RV business to his son, but Wade had other plans. He saw potential in the fishing business and knew it was something he needed to pursue. His father was not initially on board with this, and was concerned that it wouldn't be a profitable endeavor, but Wade pushed on with his dream.

"My dad said I'd never make it selling fishing tackle, they wanted me to keep selling RVs," said Anderson.

Dakota Tackle eventually came to occupy the whole building, and for decades, has been the go-to place for North Dakota's fisherman.

A New Era

According to Anderson, the shop has an interested buyer. He told me he's been very "Picky" about who he's willing to pass the torch to.

"There's been a lot of interest in the land and building, but not in the tackle shop," said Anderson.

He tells me he's found a good North Dakota boy to carry on the legacy, and the tackle shop will keep its original name.

If the deal goes through, Anderson plans to stay on for 6 months, to help with the transition.

"I enjoyed working with the people and local families going on fishing trips, but now it's time to focus on my family," said Anderson.

Well Wishes

If you have time, be sure to wish Wade well on his new adventure!



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