I came home from work on Friday and I had noticed a message from my better half saying I should buy this.  It was a Facebook Marketplace post from Wolf Creek Transport.

You see the Mrs. just got done doing some mowing on the rider (something she had never done before).  We have an acre and a half and although the mower works well it's fairly slow.  Now she understands why I've been asking for a zero-turn mower to speed up the process.

Anyway, she found this ridiculous hell of a deal on Facebook Marketplace.  A Kubota ZD331 ZTR for only $800 dollars.  I've priced zero-turn mowers before, so I was a little suspicious.  I did the standard message asking if this was still available?  I got an immediate response back asking me to email his sister for more pictures and info.  First red flag.

I immediately Googled Wolf Creek Transport.  I couldn't find anything on this business in Bismarck, North Dakota, or anywhere for that matter.  For giggles, I decided to email his sister asking if I could see it.  I again received an immediate email back.  Red flag number two.  Obviously some sort of  Robo system.

The email went on to tell me a sob story about how this mower was a gift to her husband who just died from COVID-19.  She couldn't stand the sight of it anymore and just wanted to get rid of it.  The mower looked immaculate.  Over the course of the email, she mentions that she just moved to Montana and the mower was there.  She said she had set up a deal with eBay and I could buy it through that.  Free delivery and I could even have 5 days to decide if I want to keep it.  What a deal.  Red flag number three.

Again, for giggles, I decided to email her again asking if I could speak to her on the phone.  Yet another immediate Robo email with all kinds of vague information.  Yep, total scam.  Safe to say if I were to have sent $800 dollars through this eBay transaction I would've never seen the mower.

I did a little research and this particular type of zero-turn rider is being sold for up to $10,000 used by reputable dealers.  Click here to see. 

I've seen other incredible offers like this before on Facebook Marketplace like brand new 10-foot enclosed trailers for only $1,000.  Same types of message, selling it for my cousin, bla bla bla.

Just a friendly reminder, there are a lot of bad people out there just looking to prey on their next victim.  Even on Facebook.  Do your homework if something looks too good to be true.  It more than likely is.


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