Sweet Treats Coming Soon!

You can't fully enjoy the Spring and Summer months without a little ice cream! Or rather... a lot of ice cream. The beloved Dairy Queen that sits at 230 West Broadway, just off of Washington St., will soon be opening for business.

It's More Than Just Ice Cream

If you're not looking closely, you might miss it! It's a tiny little walk-up Dairy Queen, that's full of charm and history. And.. it's not just about the delicious ice cream; it's the experience that makes going here extra sweet. It almost transports you back to the 1950's, when there were sock hops and poodle skirts. Err... or maybe that's just me. Imagine going up to those windows after a ball game, dance recital, or just on a hot summer day... it's idyllic, isn't it?

It really gives you a sense of community. Without a doubt, visiting the store is a favorite activity for locals.

Andi Ahne
Andi Ahne

What's The Scoop?

I spoke to Lethe Hoxtell, the General Manager of the store, and she says they are shooting for the first week of May.

"We're always excited to open it up, a lot of people always come. We want to make sure the weather will nice for open," said Hoxtell.

While the first week of May is the goal, they still have to do a bit of cleaning, and some minor repairs to equipment to do. They also want to make sure it doesn't snow when they open, because... who wants ice cream when it's snowing?? -- Actually I am guilty of this. I can't explain my cravings; it just happens. Anyway, let's hope everything goes according to plan!

Hoxtell says they will, for sure, be open no later than Mother's Day on May 8th. You can expect to see all of your favorite frozen treats.




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