I never know somedays what will inspire me to write about

Up until about 11:00 am this morning I didn't have a clue what my second story of the day was going to be until Jared Martin walked into our building here in Mandan. I remember this man from almost exactly a year ago, he works for Dakota Fire Station Inc as a fire extinguisher tech. He travels all around Bismarck and Mandan making sure that others are serviced and up to speed. A cool guy with a fantastic attitude, loving his job and seeing his customers ( well about once a year ), I had to follow him around and ask him some questions.

Every job is interesting in its own way

This is why I am writing this, there are so many things in BisMan we take for granted, and I'm guilty of that as well, our safety for one thing. Jared has been on the job for 9 years and is responsible for making sure that our safety measures ( like a fire extinguisher ) will operate correctly should a fire break out. I watched him go through the procedures at our place, one by one, as he continued on engaged in conversation with an annoying disc jockey ( me ), he didn't miss a beat, very courteous and professional. I had to ask if there was a memorable day in his career, and as it turns out there was. May 6th, 2019, was just another normal day on the job, right up until it wasn't  Take a look for yourself!

This happened at ABATE of North Dakota. Don't you just love security cameras? Thank you Jared for all you do!

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