The business closed on Friday, May 20th to get everything transitioned over to the new building. It reopened earlier this week (Monday, May 23rd).

2750 Vermont Ave (Bismarck) is where the business now sits. It was previously located at 1522 E Main Ave.

Brand New Building

The business is obviously growing; the need for an expansion came about, and they actually built an entirely new building. Here's a picture of how it looked while still in the construction stages:

attachment-lewis and clark animal

If you're wondering, this is a big improvement from their last location. Here's what the Main Avenue location looked like:

Google Maps
Google Maps

In the business's most recent Facebook post, it was said that they poured a lot of blood sweat and tears into completing the project. They are still in the process of unpacking everything, but they are back open to local pet owners.

Looking at some of the pictures the business posted online, it seems like quite the upgrade. Clients have been commenting on the improvement to parking, and you can't help but notice all the fancy equipment in the exams rooms.

What Will The Future Bring?

With the new building, could they take in more patients? Will they be hiring a greater staff? -- Currently, according to, they employed about 9 people. Only time will tell.

I've reached out to the Animal Hospital for comment, and have yet to hear back, but I imagine they are pretty excited to have the project completed and be operating out of a fancy new place.

Fun Facts: 

According to, the Lewis and Clark animal hospital was founded all the way back in 2008.

According to, throughout the United States, there are between 28 and 32,000 vet clinics and emergency animal hospitals. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty low to me.

Anyway, I'm sure all of our furry friends and pet parents in Bisman are excited for the new facility! Congrats on the move!



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