We're a pretty chill city, Bismarck. And no, that statement has nothing to do with our cold winters.

Out of 182 cities, which includes 150 of the most populated in the U.S., along with two of the most populated cities in certain states; i.e., North Dakota (Bismarck and Fargo), Bismarck was 181st out of 182 in terms of stress level. Inversely, that means we're the 2nd least stressful city in the U.S. For the research, our friends at WalletHub used several key metrics, such as getting adequate sleep, median credit score, housing affordability, and divorce rate.

Some of the metrics that Bismarck ranked best in were median credit score (2nd), overall financial stress (2nd), and overall family stress (3rd).

According to the study, the only city that is less stressful than Bismarck is Fremont, CA.

The top three most stressed cities in the country from first to third are Detroit, MI, Newark, NJ, and Cleveland, OH.

The ranking makes perfect sense to me. I've mentioned before that of the cities I've lived in, Bismarck is easily the most laid-back area I've resided in. To add further evidence of that, my hometown of St. Louis, MO finished as the 10th most stressed city in the nation.

We're doing something right, Bismarck. Keep chillin'.

To view where each city ranked, click on the map below.

Source: WalletHub

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