For me, this is the opposite of a "Bucket List"

Let me explain, you know how people have a list of things they want to try, or places to visit, maybe celebrities to meet - most of us do. This is known as a "bucket list" I have my own, however, I also have a few things that don't pique my interest one bit. For example, you will never ever see me jump out of a plane ( my major fear of heights won't allow it ), the other one is being inside an escape room. I am claustrophobic big-time, and this explains why you won't see me anywhere close to 233 W Rosser Ave here in Bismarck. That is the address of Bismarck's ONLY escape room.

Call me a wimp

Those are just a few of my fears, for some people the challenge is so inviting and welcome. BreakOut is a place to come if you have a thirst for adventure, and enjoy challenges, such as trying to escape out of a room within 60 minutes. I wouldn't be able to think straight, for you need to have your wits about you " you weave your way through a fun pattern of twists and turns."

If that sounds right up your alley then check this out

Breakout is getting ready to test 'The Bunker', their newest escape room opening in August. Here is your chance to be a Beta Tester. According to "...we are looking for people who want to test our rooms FREE of charge. The only requirements are that you have patience, and are willing to be honest with us and spend a few minutes after the experience talking about what you liked and disliked; what worked and didn’t work"  You can click on their site for more info

SO....Let me know how that goes

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