According to a press statement released earlier this week, Dr. Jason Hornbacher will be retiring as the Superintendent of Bismarck Public Schools.

Hornbacher's last day is scheduled as June 30th, 2023.

Why The Wait?

If you're wondering why this announcement comes so far in advance, the statement indicated that this was purposely done so the Bismarck School Board would have adequate time to find a qualified replacement.

What's Next?

Hornbacher was quoted in the release, saying, that his retirement will allow him more time to do things with his family. -- Sometimes it's good to take that time and slow down, is it not? He also said he will miss having such a hands-on role in the community and he will miss many of the people he works with.

If You Didn't Know

If you didn't know, Hornbacher had been serving the community and school board for nearly three decades. With that, I'm sure finding his replacement will be no easy task.

Burning Questions:

What will this change bring to Bismarck schools?

Who is under consideration for the role as Superintendent?

When will the Bismarck School Board announce Hornbacher's replacement?

These are all questions we have and will continue to be asking leading up to his final day. All we really know is that Hornbacher will soon be stepping away from his position. As more information becomes available, we will update this post.


How do you feel about this news? What changes would you like to see or who would you like to see fill this position?


The press release came from the Bismarck Public Schools Director of Communications, Steve Koontz Wednesday (October 26th) morning.

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