I am no expert in politics, but I believe a Mayor needs to be a people person

That's what this person is all about. His name is Dustin Elliot. He rose to fame when he became class president in High School in the small town of Walsh County, North Dakota. During that time he walked the hallways as a leader, perhaps this was a small sign that one day he would run for and win the job as Mayor of Fargo, North Dakota. He has the personality to rule the world. A humble guy who just wants people to get interested in local politics.

I had the awesome opportunity to talk with Dustin on the phone this afternoon. I sent him a quick Facebook friend request, and ten minutes later he was telling me of his hopes and desires. I had one burning question though, "How does one become elected to run for Mayor?" His answer was more charming than I would have thought. Dustin reached out to a city auditor on what it takes. "Some paperwork was handed to me to fill out, and I had two options in order to be considered as the next leader. One was to round up at least 300 local signatures OR a simple $100 dollar will do it". He chose the C-Note! I would have done the same thing.

From a Bell Bank employee to the next Mayor of the largest city in North Dakota

35-year old Dustin has three kids, his oldest daughter Hazel is pictured with him in a classic "Take me seriously" picture. All of his kids are understandably proud of their dad. He's not trying to buy votes or make any false promises. He's the first person that will tell you he's not a career politician, and his goal is not to pay his way into leadership. He simply wants people to know that he is taking this seriously and he wants to lead by example. I asked him if there was possibly a fundraising event in the near future and he quickly responded "No, that's not who I am as a person" Dustin is quickly gaining volunteers from his friends, and even from those he has never met, integrity sends out a beacon in the sky, and people want to be around someone like him. If I lived in Fargo, he would have my vote come June.


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