Law enforcement departments across the nation are posting lip-sync videos on the Internet and now the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department and the Bismarck Police Department are in on the fun.

Last month, a video posted from Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy Alexander Mena in Texas started a bit of a craze when he posted a lip-sync video. Since then, it seems to be everywhere. Several police departments have joined in on the fun with their own videos from the likes of California, Kentucky, and an impressive showing from Norfolk, Virginia.

Officers and deputies have been lip-syncing to popular songs from several genres and creating some pretty impressive produced videos (not all are impressive).

Now, local law enforcement is showing off their lip-sync game.

Check out the video from the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department here:

And here's the video production from the Bismarck Police Department:

You can't argue with the solid editing job from the Bismarck PD, or the song choice for that matter. Who doesn't love Queen?

Pretty impressive production value, guys! Well done!

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