If you suffer from allergies, stay away from Burleigh County.

According to 24/7 Wallstreet, Burleigh County is the worst county for allergies in the entire state. Unfortunately, avoiding Burleigh County may be tough considering it is one of the more populous counties and it is of course home to Bismarck.

But 24/7 Wallstreet analyzed county data on the presence of ragweed, a common allergen as well as the 'number of low quality air days' to determine the worst county in each state for allergies.

In North Dakota, Burleigh County is the worst place to be for allergies. Over 1,200 kids in the county suffer from asthma according to the report.

Allergies and ragweed in particular tend to thrive in warm weather. Fortunately it has not been too warm yet but it is not technically summer yet.

It's time to flee the county or stock up on the allergy medication.

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