We all know that feeling, for those of us that suffer with air-borne allergies. You know when it's coming on. The scratch in your throat, the sneezing and the stuffiness. 24/7 Wall St. recently released the worst county is every state for allergies.

If you suffer with these types of allergies, you know how difficult any day can be to get through, when your allergies are sever. It can happen at anytime, and currently, there are many of us suffering. Early spring and summer are also pretty bad for sufferers.

According to 24/7 Wall St.,  they reviewed the worst counties for illnesses such as asthma and severe allergies from the Environmental Protection Agency from 2011-2015, and looked at the EPS measurements for the ozone and the days of unhealthy air quality for every state and county.

After researching all of the data and research, the worst county in North Dakota is Burleigh County.

For those of us who live in Bismarck, we'll continue to live on OTC meds and try to keep our sinuses clear.


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