A Florida bus driver who took a swing at a man who used a racial epithet says he has no regrets, despite losing his job over the incident.

The Washington Post says Terrence Barber of West Palm beach just decided he'd had enough the day the apparently intoxicated man boarded his bus, refused to pay and started an argument with the driver.

It was during the argument that the man spat at the driver and let loose with the "n-word."

Mr. Barber, who is African-American, punched the man, dropping him to the floor. He then picked up his two-way radio and requested medical assistance for the man.

"The gentlemen refused to pay," said Mr. Barber, who was fired after the incident. "I was fine with the n-word because we're trained to have thick skin and take verbal abuse. And I'm fine with the verbal abuse, but then he spit in my face. I'm a human being and I reacted."

[Source: Washington Post]




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