I don't think anybody in Bismarck Mandan would argue that the area's favorite beer is Busch Light.  Softball teams gathering after a game, garage parties, camping weekends, barbeque's in the backyard all spell Busch Light.

After you're done enjoying your favorite beer, eventually nature will take its course.  Quite often the great outdoors becomes a public bathroom.  For whatever reason, peeing on a tree has almost become an Olympic sport.  It's been bred into our heads since we first started using the big boy potty.  If you have to go outside, pee on a tree.

Busch Light/M&C Saatchi
Busch Light/M&C Saatchi

Well, as it turns out all that urine on trees is actually a bad thing.  Who knew?  Are you telling me water, salt, electrolytes such as potassium and phosphors and chemicals like urea and uric acid aren't healthy for trees?  Huh?   According to a press release from Busch Light, while it may seem harmless, most people don't realize that peeing on trees can leave them more susceptible to disease, pests, and nutrient loss.

Busch Light is making it easier than ever to leave no drops of urine behind with the limited edition Pee in a Busch funnel kit.  Yep, fans of the beer can now save a tree and pee in a Busch.  Just add an empty can.  Cue Big and Rich.  This is a limited-time offer and you have till the end of April to purchase your kit.  You can do so when you click here.  It will set you back $20 bucks.  No word on what you're supposed to do with urine-soaked can (unless you have really good aim) after your done.

To make sure we have forests for many years to come, Busch Light has partnered with the organization "One Tree Planted", and 100% of the profits from the Pee in a Busch funnel kit will be donated to the organization.  For each dollar donated, one tree will be planted.  Follow the progress of the promotion's progress when you click here.



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