Have you ever had a little work done before?  You know, a little nip tuck.  Either an at-home cosmetic treatment or a professional cosmetic procedure?

Apparently, interest in at-home beauty procedures has skyrocketed over the past year according to data from a new report from Shiny Smile Veneers.

The website conducted a Google search trends analysis to determine which home cosmetic treatments and professional procedures are trending right now in each state.

Some of the findings for North Dakota:

The most popular at-home cosmetic treatment in North Dakota right now is butt lifts.

My first question right off the bat is how do you conduct at-home butt lift treatments?  According to Lipotherapea, you have some options.  Either the old fashion way with exercise and weight lifting.  Things you can try at home like squats, deadlifts, one-legged squats, donkey kicks, pelvic thrusts, and hip extensions.  Sounds exhausting.

You can also try something from a professional office like a non-surgical bum lift with a high-intensity, deep-tissue radiofrequency.  Does this mean you just hold up our radio station to your butt?  Maybe not, but it might be worth a try.

The most popular professional cosmetic procedure in North Dakota?

The good old breast augmentation.  Are they built for speed or comfort?  Copywrite the movie Wedding Crashers.

Nationally, the top trending at-home cosmetic treatment is skin slugging.  If you're wondering what the heck that is like me.  After all, I'm a guy.  A female co-worker of mine told me this about skin slugging.  I guess it's a really big deal right now.  It's basically dousing your face with petroleum jelly as the last step of your evening skin-care routine.  Oh, the things we do for beauty right?  And it's not just the ladies either, I know a few guys who have their routines for their faces at night too.  Skin slugging is up 529% according to the data.

The most popular professional cosmetic treatments nationally are butt lifts (North Dakota is on par with this one), veneers, and crowns.



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