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Digital First Media via Getty Im

Here 's a unique way to celebrate. 

The annual Cannabis reform rally will be happening on the state capital steps this Friday to protest the current laws that prohibit legalization.

There is a dialogue that has been happening for the last couple of years around the country in regards to the legalization of Cannabis. There are pro arguments and con arguments on the subject and this is an event that is in support of the pro argument.

Now if you look at cities with legalization laws you will see a growing amount of homeless population happening there and major squatters rights issues.

It that because of pot?  Possibly.  If it was legal would there be more of a regulation of the different strains of pot available which would avoid tampering with other drugs in a strain? Possibly.

Wherever you stand on this issue, it is good to voice your opinion. This is a free country of course.

The official invite is below:

Annual Cannabis Reform Rally at the North Dakota capitol. Education, freedom, and community rally on the capitol steps. This is the 3rd annual rally that is family friendly and all are welcome to attend. We are fighting for medical cannabis reforms and personal freedom for all North Dakotans. We believe its time to legalize a plant that will fight the chronic pain, addiction, and more. Music, food, and fun on the capital lawn. Come exercise your first amendment with us. This is a no charge volunteer event.

Vendors/musicians sign up here

For more info email and look us up on crowd pac

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