It's pretty awesome when you play a quarterback less team. 

Eagles got an easy one today thanks to Mono that has kept Jets quarterback Sam Darnold out so far this year. The defense got one helluva confidence boost  posting a 10 sack effort which is the second most in franchise history.

This game was never close and it was one they needed for the next two are going to be tough.  Vikings and then the hated( and maybe overrated)  Cowboys.

The offense was ok but posted two many penalties, todat was a day the defense bailed them out.

Here's what they're saying in Philidelphia:


Jim Schwartz’s defense needed a confidence-boosting game and it got one Sunday against a really, really bad Jets offense. Whether it will have any carryover effect, well, that’s hard to say. But it can’t hurt, right? Carson Wentz and the offense didn’t play all that well Sunday. They ran the ball well at times. But the passing game continues to miss DeSean Jackson’s field-stretching ability, and he isn’t expected back any time soon.

Bring on the Vikings !!

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