Mercy sakes alive, it was like the seventies all over again.

Remember the hit song, Convoy? Well there was one in South Dakota this past week.

KELO News reports a convoy of truck drivers protesting potential federal legislation rumbled through the Mount Rushmore State Thursday.

One driver said the intent was not to block traffic, but to bring attention to the importance of the trucking industry.

Witnesses of a certain age no doubt flashed back to the trucking "CB" craze of the mid-seventies, with movies like Smokey and the Bandit and the C.W. McCall novelty hit, Convoy. (see above)

"The group demonstration left the Canton exit at 7 a.m. and has truck drivers driving near the minimum speed limits on the way to Pierre," reported KELO. " It is a local protest against nationwide issues facing the industry."

One participating driver called it "an act of peaceful protest."

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