A key witness in the trial of an ex-Dallas policewoman accused of shooting a man in his apartment, has himself been shot to death.

The Dallas Morning News reports Joshua Brown died at a Dallas hospital after a Friday shooting.

He was a neighbor of ex-policeman Amber Guyger and her victim, Botham Jean. A jury convicted Ms. Guyger this week of shooting Mr. Jean after entering his apartment by mistake.

The Morning News says, "On the night of Sept. 6, 2018, Brown was in the hallway on the fourth floor of the Cedars apartment building, where he and Jean lived, when he heard what he thought sounded like 'two people meeting by surprise.'

"He testified that he couldn't make out what they were saying and they were speaking at the same time. And then he heard two gunshots."

"He bravely came forward to testify when others wouldn't, " said the Dallas County prosecutor. "If we had more people like him, we would have a better world."

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