You should probably get used to seeing Carson Wentz receiving accolades for his 2017 season from now until the NFL has exhausted all its awards for the year.

Wentz was named to the Second Team on the 2017 AP All-Pro Team for the 2017 season. That's quite an accomplishment for any player in a full season, let alone someone who had their season cut short at 13 games due to injury.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback threw for a franchise record 33 touchdowns and 3,296 yards while also finishing fourth in the NFL with a 101.9 passer rating. All of that in just his second pro season. Earlier today, it was also revealed that Wentz was also a finalist for the FedEx Player of the Year.

Some of Wentz's teammates were selected to the 2017 AP All-Pro Team as well.

Perhaps the only thing keeping Carson Wentz from being named to the 'First Team' was his unfortunate season-ending injury. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was named to that spot. You can view the full list of the first and second teams of the 2017 AP NFL All-Pro Team here.

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